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There is no way in hiding that TopDollarMobile does what is says on the tin, pay top dollar! Their payment options are fair, they do charge £1 for using cheques, most the high rated recyclers have PayPal as an option. The site clearly states the way they price used and damaged phones so you will know what your getting, however you are required to have the phone on you at the time of sale as you must enter the IMEI number (instructions on their site). Overall a good company although they miss the top score due to the lack of PayPal/cheque charges, minimal independent online reviews and the on site security checks (IMEI number)


A topdollarmobile review about the company

Topdollarmobile is a company that is operated by Guang YI Telecom Ltd. GY Telecom is a global company. It is one of the leaders of the mobile phone recycle and reuse sector.

All top dollar mobile phone reviews will tell you that Topdollarmobile is known for being a diligent company. It has been in the handset recycling market for more than 16 years. They have an extensive well established sales as well as distribution market the world over. This has helped them to reach the top of the recycle industry. This is why, they are able to achieve very competitive prices for the benefit of their customers.

The industry of mobile technology is dynamic and fast paced. The company has positioned itself skillfully as a top force with solutions, resources and networking to drive and also shift the recycling market. Any Top Dollar Mobile reviews will stress the fact that Top Dollar Mobile is a service led and customer focused organization.

It has approachable individuals and can do attitude that helps it to deliver the results faster than its competitors. They stand out in this field thanks to their very strong financial and commercial reputation. They pay good prices and strive to provide prompt payments and top customer service.

Topdollarmobile is working for a better planet

All top dollar mobile phone reviews will tell you that in encouraging the idea of recycle and reuse, Topdollarmobile is helping to reduce electronic waste levels that usually find their way in landfills and make the environment polluted.

The service that Top Dollar Mobile is providing benefits their customers and them directly and also helps the people who live in Third World countries. They want to improve the life of these people and make the planet better!

Why you should choose Topdollarmobile

All top dollar mobile phone reviews stress on the fact that the company pays good price for used mobile phones. They offer competitive prices on more than 90% of the phones they recycle. They also pay half the total price for non working handsets. They pay promptly and have a huge variety of phones for customers to choose from.

They are known to pay in 5 days after they receive a mobile and have tested it. They offer convenient and secure payment options, by bank transfer or check. When a seller places an order they are sent free post envelopes so that they could send their mobile to the company for free. Those who want to trade 15 or more phones would be provided courier collection for free.
Any topdollarmobile review would mention that as the company is operated by Guang YI, its commercial background is strong. Top Dollar Mobile and their partners have acquired necessary certificates like ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 from the world's foremost certification, testing, inspection and verification company, SGS. This is proof enough of their achievement and success in environmental protection and quality management.

Top Dollar Mobile guarantees that all the mobiles they collect are recycled wherever possible as per the international directive of WEEE for protecting the environment. The packaging materials and letters that they use are completely recyclable.

A topdollarmobile review on how the process works

Any topdollarmobile review will tell you that you have to first select the model you have using the search option. Check its price. Mention your contact information. You would be sent confirmation email on completion. Then you have to send the handset in the free post envelope they would send you. You would have to follow the instructions sent in the envelope. When the condition of the phone is checked as well as verified you would get payment in 5 days.

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